Share Accounts

A share account is similar to a savings account.  To be a member of EASY CASH PAYDAY LOANS, LLC, a share account must be opened and a balance of $5.00 maintained.



EASY CASH PAYDAY LOANS, LLC checking accounts do not have a minimum balance requirement and there are no monthly check fees.  Overdraft protection is available from your share account or an overdraft protection loan.  Contact the Credit Union to set-up your overdraft protection.


There are three categories of loans at EASY CASH PAYDAY LOANS, LLC.

  1. SECURED – A loan that has some form of collateral given is a secured loan.  Examples are:  vehicle, camper, motorcycle, boat, computer, etc.
  2. SHARE SECURED – These loans use your share (savings) account as collateral.  Your shares continue to earn dividends while pledged as collateral.
  3. LINE OF CREDIT – This type of loan requires no collateral and can be used for a wide variety of reasons such as consolidating bills, home improvement projects, etc.



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