$0.01 and >.10%

These rates effective April 10, 2022

$5000 minimum deposit      12 month term   .35% APY


Rates will be dependent upon the member’s qualifications based on the Credit Union’s credit scoring system. 


This addendum is incorporated into and becomes a part of your LOANLINER Credit Agreement.  Please keep this attached to your LOANLINER Credit Agreement.

The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATES, corresponding daily periodic rates and amount and due date of payments for each loan sub-account are shown below.  If there is no payment schedule, the amount and due date of payments will be determined at the time of each advance and disclosed on the Advance Request Voucher.  Other charges that may be imposed are also shown below (i.e., late charges, filing fees, collection costs).


SECURED                             Borrower Category: Annual Percentage Rate:                   Daily Periodic Rate:

Collateral is Given                                           *Lowest Rate
Loan amount is 100% of Retail Value
plus Sales Tax, Licensing & GAP                                                              

Term of 0-48 months                    **Tier A                       2.75%                 .007534   
Term of 49-60 months                                                    3.00%                 .008219                        
Term of 61-72 months                                                    3.50%                 .009589                        

Term of 0-48 months                    **Tier B                        4.15%                  .011370
Term of 49-60 months                                                     4.40%                  .012055                             Term of 61-72 months                                                     4.65%                  .012470                           

Term of 0-48 months                        Tier C                      5.90%                  .016164
Term of 49-60 months                                                     6.40%                  .017534
Term of 61-72 months                                                     6.90%                  .018904

Term of 0-48 months                        Tier D                      7.90%                 .021643
Term of 49-60 months                                                     8.15%                 .022329
Term of 61-72 months                                                     8.40%                 .023014

EASY CASH PAYDAY LOANS, LLC staff can match an interest rate on a new secured loan when the member qualifies for A or B tier and proves they can obtain a lower rate through another financial institution.
*Lowest rate assumes maximum discounts applies
.25% for having another open loan
     .25% Payroll deduction or automatic payments set up

SHARE PLEDGE                                                                      
Term = 0 – 72 months                                                            2.75 %            .007534
Maximum Loan Amount is $50,000

Term = 0 – 36 months                       Tier A                     8.40%                         .023014
Maximum Loan Amount                    Tier B                     10.40%                       .028493
is lesser of $10,000 or                       Tier C                     13.40%                       .036712
2 times monthly gross income           Tier D                     16.40%                       .044932         

 *GOLD SIGNATURE LOAN              Tier A                    4.40%                           .012055
Call for details


Disbursed as needed to until limit is reached            $     1  –   500                   $25.00
Maximum Loan Amount is $1,000.00                       $ 501 – 1,000                   $50.00

              The Overdraft prevent loan rate is         18.00%                                 .049180

Your minimum payment is calculated after each advance.  The amount and due date of your payment will be established at the time of each advance and will be disclosed on the voucher accompanying the advance.  However, your minimum payment will never be less than $25.00 monthly.

You will be charged a $25.00 fee at the time of a new loan application.

If you elect member pay credit disability insurance, and/or single or joint credit life, the premiums will be added monthly to your loan.

Any loan payment more than 10 days past due will be charged a $20.00 late fee.

Collection Costs:  You agree to pay all costs of collecting the amount you owe under this agreement to the extent permitted by state law.

You will be charged $20.00 service fee to skip one payment. You may not skip payments more than two times in a twelve month period. A completed Subsequent Action Form will need to be completed for approval.   


Members in good standing rated Tier A or B qualify for this benefit.  EASY CASH PAYDAY LOANS, LLC staff can match an interest rate on a new secured loan when the member proves they can obtain a lower rate through another financial institution.

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